Onogawa Onsen in Yonezawa city, Yamagata pref. Umeya Ryokan


Umeya Ryokan

The hotel is austere and comfortable.

Peaceful street of Onogawa Onsen is surrounded with mountains.

In summer you can see fireflies on the riverbank behind.
In the retro-stylized interior of the hotel you will feel the atmosphere of the past as if you time-travelled to the Showa period.
Take your time savoring the taste of the Yonezawagyu, leisurely immersing yourself in the hot spring water

Lobby/ Front desk

In the hotel we provide you with free Wi-Fi.
You can enjoy internet using your smartphones and personal computers.

  • Front desk
  • Wi-Fi is available in all parts of the hotel. ※ However, the connection must be bad, depending on the type of the device used.
  • Rooms

  • Rooms
  • Rooms are simple and comfortable.
    We frequently renew rooms.
    Let us take charge of the room assignment.
    Guests with leg problems etc. please, consult us so that we could comply with your requests.

Room facilities
TV … It can be used for free. Fridge … There is charge for the content of the fridge.
Air conditioner … You can adjust the temperature by yourself. Heater … It is an eco-heater using the temperature of the hot spring.
Washstand / European style toilet/ Towel and bath towel / Toothbrush
Yukata … Let us know if the size does not fit you. We also have yukata for kids
Tea cakes (We offer local sweets) / Pot (* You can use water heater in the corridor if you need more water)
Shaver / Shower cap … You can get it for free at the front desk. Feel free to ask!
  • Retro-styled black phones in the rooms
    Retro-styled black phones in the rooms
  • Rooms are frequently renewed.
    Rooms are frequently renewed.
  • Washlet toilet
    Washlet toilet

Banquet hall/ Private dining room

In the hotel dinners are served in rooms / private rooms.
You won't have to dine in the room (hiroma) with other guests.
You can leisurely enjoy your meal with your family/ friends/ colleagues.

  • Banquet hall
  • Private rooms
  • Meals

Hotel overview

Check in / Check out Check in time 14:00 - 18:00 / Check out time 10:00
Number of guest rooms 11 rooms
(12-tatami mats・10-tatami mats・8-tatami mats・7-tatami mats)
Payment method Cash / Credit card(VISA・Master)
* JCB cards cannot be used.
Onsen usage time 24 hours * It cannot be used during the cleaning time (9:00 - 12:00).
Parking Parking spaces: 15 cars.
* You can also use the Ryokan Association’s common parking spaces