Onogawa Onsen in Yonezawa city, Yamagata pref. Umeya Ryokan

Yonezawagyu is the name of black-haired Japanese cows fattened in the Okitama Region 3 cities 5 towns located in Yonezawa city of the Yamagata prefecture, the brand is given to beef that meets certain standards.

The Okitama Region

Raised in rich natural environments of the Okitama Region

The Okitama region located in the south of the inland part of Yamagata prefecture, is a valley surrounded on all sides with mountains, such as the Ou Mountains, the Agatsuma mountains, the Iiide mountains etc.
Pure water and air. Fertile ground. Yonezawagyu are raised in a rich natural environment.
On the other hand, summer here is characterized by high humidity and temperature, particular of a basin region, while winter is severe, with its heavy snowfalls.
The high quality Yonezawagyu is produced in severe natural environments, owing to the deep love and effort of cattle farmers and traditional methods.

Carefully selected taste of the Yonezawagyu.

Carefully selected taste of the Yonezawagyu.

In order to be labeled as the "YONEZAWAGYU", the beef must fulfill all the strict requirements.
A black-haired Japanese cow must be raised by a cattle-raiser certified by the Yonezawa Cow Brand Promotion Council, and be either a heifer or a bullock.
Only the best beef that fulfils the five following requirements, such as the beef (of cows) over 32 months old, having over the third-grade appearance and superb meat and fat quality etc., can be called the "Yonezawagyu".
In the hotel we offer the best yonezawagyū, carefully selected in the described way, with the finest meat quality and refined fat that melts in your mouth.


In the hotel we offer meals representing each season, made from fresh local ingredients.
Let us introduce some of the seasonal ingredients that you can taste only in Onogawa Onsen.

  • Blessing of woodlands Spring

    Butterbur scape, braken, laportea, Udo, ostrich fern, Urui, Dohona…

    Wild vegetables just brought from the woodlands are fresh and juicy, and you will be able to taste their rustic flavor.
    We suggest you visit during the period between mid-May and mid-June, if you want to try the greatest variety of wild vegetables.

  • Tastes of early summer Summer

    Aralia sprout, a type of Udo, araliaceae: the taste of early summer

    These have been raised in Yonezawa as hedges since ancient times, and have been known for centuries as both a seasonal and emergency food source.You can try them cooked as Aemono or Tempura. In the hotel we also offer Soba noodles made of araliaceae.

  • Yamagata specialties Autumn

    Satoimo, the Yonezawagyu, mushrooms, Konnyaku, Tofu… The "Imoni" with many famous Yamagata ingredients

    The “Imoni” is the signature Autumn tradition of Yamagata prefectures. In the Okitama region, where Onozawa Onsen is located, the basic seasoning here is a soy sauce that brings out the flavor of the ingredients. Taste the Yamagata flavors served as imoni cooked in small pots.

  • Tradition of Onogawa Onsen Winter

    Bean sprouts brought up by using the warmth from hot springs, chives for which the best season is the period between winter and beginning of spring.

    The traditional method, in which the onsen heat is used, has not changed since the old days. You will be able to taste the crispy texture of roots and crunchiness of beans of the bean sprouts grown in the "Muro". Boiled with the best chives…

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Our special ingredients

  • Local rice

    Local rice

    Tasty rice that was cultivated with care by our local farmer "Mr. Uchiva".
    We cook rice that we find exceptional, regardless of its type, in a gas kiln. Please, savor the flavor of our freshly cooked rice.

  • Okami-Miso


    We properly age the Miso prepared by Kakuriki Miso Brewing, Yonezawa’s old-established company, in our storehouse. Miso from our storehouse is all natural without any additives, its yeast is good for your body, and its taste is rich and delicious.

  • Homemade hot spring eggs

    Homemade hot spring eggs

    Hot spring eggs served in the hotel are cooked by our landlady. Thick soft boiled yolk and creamy egg white will mix inside your mouth in an instant. We recommend to pour some slightly sweet stock and soy sauce on eggs while they are still warm.

  • Carp stewed in sweet sauce

    Carp stewed in sweet sauce

    One of the most famous Yonazawa specialties is carp cooked in sweet sauce. Carp stewed in sweet sauce can be served as a side dish or an appetizer. It is also good to be served as a separate dish.

* Items on this page will not be necessarily served. Ask for details when making a reservation.