Onogawa Onsen in Yonezawa city, Yamagata pref. Umeya Ryokan

Onogawa Onsen is an annex to the Yamagata prefecture’s Yonezawa city. It is surrounded by rich natural environment with fireflies flying around in summer.  This Onsen village is associated with the names of Ono no Komachi and Date Masamune.

Beauty’s hot water associated with Ono no Komachi

Beauty’s hot water associated with Ono no Komachi

The name of Onogawa Onsen comes from the name of a poet of the Heian period who, according to legends, was a lady of extreme beauty, "Ono no Komachi".
The legend tells that 1200 years ago Ono no Komachi fell sick while looking for her father’s whereabouts. She found a hot spring in this lands, and as soon as she immersed herself into the water, she was healed of her sickness.
There is also a story that tells that Date Masamune whose name was famous in the Sengoku period was extremely fond of this place. Date Masamune had his base in Yonezawa, which is why he is closely related to Onogawa Onsen.

Onogawa Onsen features / The hotel's specialties

  • Rich in water

    Rich in water

    Onogawa Onsen’s hot spring spouts out 1000 liters of hot water daily, the hot spring’s temperature is 80 degrees.
    Normally, the chances are high that the water in hot springs with low temperature mixes with the underground water which reduces the quantity of ingredients (there are exceptions though).
    Hot springs with the temperature over 80 degrees are very rare and precious.

  • Superb hot spring water quality

    Superb hot spring water quality

    Hot water is Ph 7.2 which is neutral and gentle on the skin.
    This hot water is known as beauty water, also possibly due to the legend of Ono no Komachi. It is rich in minerals and warms up your body from the inside. Your body feels comfortably warm after the bath.

  • The best hot spring water quality is in the bathtub.

    The best hot spring water quality is in the bathtub.

    In the hotel we use a heat exchange system that allows for adjustment to the optimal bathing water temperature without reducing the 80 degrees' hot spring water ingredients.

    This is 100% hot spring water: no water circulation, heating or adding.

No circulation, No boiling and No water mixing Special heat exchange system

"No circulation", "No boiling"
and "No water mixing"
Special heat exchange system

Pipes with hot spring water are placed inside the water, that is how the temperature is passed over from the pipes to the water. This phenomenon is called heat exchange.
The hotel controls the hot spring water temperature using the heat exchange system. We control heat exchange as shown on the graph. Owing to this we can reduce the temperature without reducing ingredients in the hot spring water.

In the hotel we only use the grade-4 spring water containing thick hot spring water ingredients.

Hot spring water quality and its effect

Hot spring water quality

Hot spring water containing sulfur, sodium, calcium and chlorides.

About 260 drums of water are shared between the three tubs daily.
Male bathtub/ Female bathtub/ Reserved bathtub

Hot spring water: 82 degrees Celsius / Appearance: Colorless and non-transparent
Taste: Taste of sodium chloride / Smell: Smell of hydrogen sulfide
Hydrogen ion concentration: PH7.2 / Yield of hot spring water: 36 liters per minute


Chronic skin deceases, chronic women’s deceases, cuts, diabetes, high blood temperature, arteriosclerosis, burns, physically weak children, neuralgia, muscle pain, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, stiff joints, contusion, twisted joint, chronic digestive decease, hemorrhoid, excessive sensitivity to cold, recovery from illness, soothing effect, health enhancement etc.

Hot spring facilities

Hot spring in the hotel is open 24 hours a day.
* It cannot be used during cleaning time(9:00 - 12:00).
Thank you for your understanding! Besides Male tub and Female tub, you can also use the Reserved family bathtub.

  • Bathing area

    Bathing area of the hotel is not as wide as that of the large public bath, however, owing to this you can always enjoy pure spring water.
    Male tube and Female tube can be changed in accordance with the reservation condition.

  • Reserved family bathtub

    Reserved family bathtub can be used in various ways: by assistants for the elderly, married couples/couples, parents and children etc.
    There is no need to make a reservation. When in use, lock from the inside.
    * It can only be used by overnight guests, and cannot be used by non-overnight visiting guests.

  • Komachi no yu

    Komachi no yu, an open-air bath which is a 5-minutes-walk from (the hotel) can be used free of charge only by overnight guests.
    Bathing time in spring, summer and autumn is from 6 AM to 6 PM. in winter from 7 AM to 5 PM
    Please, bring your towel with you.
    * In order to protect the natural environment, visitors are not allowed to use soap or shampoo. Thank you for your understanding!

  • Service

    We try to provide our guests with various services to make your stay comfortable. If you have any troubles or requests, feel free to inform us.。

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